Top 6 Matte Lipstick shades that every Indian woman should own

There’s no surprise when we say lipstick is our absolute favorite product. It enhances your features and adds a beautiful hint of color to your face. Indian beauties cannot be categorized with just one single skin tone. From fair to whitish to dusky and dark, we come in all shades and complexions! With so much diversity in skin tones, it can get tough to choose the perfect lip color that will flatter your complexion.
If you are a newbie in makeup and want a lipstick shade that will suit your complexion, keep reading this blog. Here we have handpicked 6 gorgeous Matte Lipstick shades that every Indian woman should own. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

#1 Magnetic Magenta

Magenta is a vibrant and alluring shade that will look spectacular on all Indian skin tones. The amazing combination of reds and pinks will add instant brightness to your face. One such shade is Eternal Flame in the C.A.L Los Angeles Intense Matte Lipstick Collection.

#2 Bold Red

No shade is more sensual and sexy than a gorgeous Red. It adds a vibrant flash of color that looks totally ravishing. If you have a warm undertone, choose an orange-based red and if you have a cool undertone, pick a blue-based red shade. Browse through the extensive collection of C.A.L Lipsticks to find your perfect hue of Red.

#3 Terracotta

If you are bored with your basic nude lipstick and want to spice things up a bit, a Terracotta shade like Sunkissed from C.A.L Intense Matte Lipstick Range will be perfect. It is a warm-hued shade that looks phenomenal on almost everyone. The rusty and raw mixture of brown and orange is excellent for a natural yet sophisticated look.

#4 Berry

This is one of the most versatile shade. If you feel a little shy to wear a red lip, a berry-hued lipstick will be the best bet. It makes your face look radiant without being too dark or vampish. You can try Impatient Pink from C.A.L Muah Matte Liquid Lipstick Range. It provides one-swipe opaque pigmentation that lasts throughout the day.

#5 Nude

Every woman needs a nude lipstick in her makeup collection. But you must be extremely careful when you select a nude shade. While the right color can amplify your appearance, the wrong one can make your face look washed out. For fair and medium skin tones, a peachy pink nude will look wonderful. But if you are in the dusky skin family, pink lipstick with a bit of a brown hint will be the way to go. There are a plethora of nude shades in the C.A.L Matte Lipstick Collection. Check them out on our online portal.

#6 Chocolate Brown

The classic chocolate brown will never go out of style. It will match with any outfit or attire. When in dilemma, just put on a brown lipstick and you are good to go! This shade has an element of elegance that is truly unmatched. Tottaly Twig from C.A.L Intense Matte Lipstick Collection is an eyecatching shade that needs to be in your makeup stash.

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