About Us

A Holistic Package

There is no better makeup than confidence!

  • CAL Los Angeles is a premier cosmetic brand, offering superior quality professional makeup products that full fill all makeup lovers’ quest and enthusiasm for international quality beauty products at affordable prices.
  • The brand aims to meet the diverse needs of the urban, modern woman and offers comprehensive beauty experience through its products that are ideal for a variety of skin tones.

Attitude is the best Attire

Ultimately, how you treat yourself determines everything!

The perfect ally to the contemporary woman of today, CAL Los Angeles inspires you to express your beauty and sensuality from within! CAL is a brand that continuously strives to evolve to bring you the best of beauty products and world-class cosmetics. We aim to combine international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of what the women of today want.

What We Do

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Wear your Magical Lipstick

We have a large and exhaustive color palette to offer the right shade, the right experience, and the right products to our clients. We aim to consistently challenge the mediocre norms that govern the beauty industry. It is our heartfelt endeavor to not just serve the best of beauty products to our customers but also to give them the confidence to show the world their inner beauty, style, and persona! We wish to encourage our customers to fall in love with their personalities and discover their inner magic as they celebrate who they really are.

Launched recently, CAL Los Angeles aims to redefine the beauty standards and become one of the most recognized and popular makeup brands. Guided by professional expertise and eye for detail, we are constantly creating ground-breaking products as we continue to build and reinvent the beauty empire!

  • makeup reveals who you are
  • love the confidence it brings
  • there is no cosmetic like happiness
  • beauty is not skin deep
  • cosmetic changes are deep!
  • modelling is more than cosmetics
  • live a joyous life