Five steps to flawless makeup for oily skin beauties

Hello, beautiful ladies! We know that many of you struggle with oily skin and the situation gets worse in the summer season. While some of you will try to avoid makeup as the weather gets warmer, the rest may try to fix it with home remedies. But for the confused lot, we are here to tell you all about how you can achieve a flawless makeup look with an oily skin type. You just need to follow some simple steps.

STEP 1 – Primer

We can’t stress enough on how important a primer is! Prepping your face is the first step in every makeup routine and you cannot afford to skip it, especially if your skin is oily.  A primer will not only fill up your pores and make your skin smoother but also helps the makeup last longer. C.A.L. Los Angeles Primer Pore Corrector is an amazing primer that will prep your face and make it ready for the next steps

STEP 2 – Choose a matte foundation

You need to invest in a good matte foundation like the C.A.L. Los Angeles Pro-Matte Foundation that will have you covered and shine-free for the whole day. You will definitely find a shade that will suit you. It blends like a dream and gives a natural and glowing finish. It will not make your skin look greasy at all!

STEP 3 – Use a makeup blender

Always use a makeup blender to blend your foundation rather than a brush. It will make your base look seamless and absorb all the excess oils from the face, mattifying it further. You can use the C.A.L. Los Angeles Beauty Blender and blend your foundation like a pro!

STEP 4 – Powder your face

Compact powder is a must if you have oily skin. It will soak up all the oil that your skin produces during the day and will keep your makeup fresh and flawless. Try the C.A.L. Los Angeles Finish Up Matte Compact. This will provide you a light coverage as well.

STEP 5 – Blotting sheets

Toss some blotting sheets in your purse before stepping out of your house. They are super convenient for touching up your makeup at any time. Just swipe them over your face whenever you feel your skin is getting oily.

Now no need to avoid makeup when you can get a flawless and fresh look with C.A.L. Los Angeles professional makeup products. Use these tips and ace your makeup game.

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