How to conceal your dark circles the right way?

We all have had dark circles at some point. Many of us have tried the various DIY remedies available to get rid of them and failed miserably.

While it is extremely difficult to get rid of them permanently but there are few tricks that you can use to conceal them succesfuly. You just need to do it the right way, else they may look worse. We are here to tell you all about the correct manner to hide your stubborn dark circles and make them disappear!

Concealing the greenish-blue dark circles under your eyes is not at all a hard task. You just need to have the right products and know the right steps. Here they are:

1) Primer

First and foremost, never forget to apply a primer. It will prevent your makeup from smudging or moving around. Use the CAL Los Angeles Primer Pore Corrector that suits all skin types. This silky balm will help your products to stay put for the whole day.

2) Lipstick

Yes, A lipstick! Surprised? Don’t be. You need a red or orange lipstick. This is because, on the color spectrum, red and orange are placed directly opposite to blue and green. That is why they cancel each other out. If you apply a red or orange lipstick before the concealer, the color will neutralize the green or blue pigments of the skin. Just dab some under your eyes with the help of your fingers or a brush. There are a variety of red and orange lipstick shades in the C.A.L Lipstick collections.

3) Foundation

The foundation should be applied before the concealer. This will provide you a smoother coverage. It will hide the color of the lipstick as well. Always select a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. If you choose a shade that is lighter than your skin tone, it will appear ashy which will look very unflattering. C.A.L. Los Angeles Pro Matte Foundation comes in a wide variety of shades. You will definitely find a match for yourself.

4) The Right Concealer

Choose a concealer that is just one shade lighter and suits your skin type. It will give a brightening effect. If your face is oily, choose a matte formula and if it is dry, choose a cream one. C.A.L Los Angeles has an amazing range of concealer products that are full coverage and provide a natural finish.

5) Compact

Last but not least, seal the deal with a compact. It will prevent your makeup from creasing and provide a flawless look! You can use the C.A.L Los Angeles Finish Up Compact.

Now hide those stubborn dark circles just like a pro! You can never go wrong when you follow the above steps. Check out the wide range of makeup products from C.A.L Los Angeles.

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