How to fix common makeup mistakes

  • Bought the incorrect shade of foundation-all of us have been there and done that! But ever knew how to not waste it?
  • It’s quite simple, you can always mix it up with a lightweight moisturizer to make a dark shade light or mixing a bit of darker shade of foundation to make it the perfect one for you.
  • Uneven Eye Liner
  • An uneven liner can happen to the best of us, even when we think we have mastered this concept. To quickly correct a heavy hand without having to completely start over, use this simple trick! Instead of starting fresh try correcting it with your concealer. Voila, its perfect as it should be.
  • Flecks of mascara on your cheeks. If your formula is old, drying out, or waterproof, that may make it flake—leaving black flecks along your cheekbones after you’ve already perfected your face makeup. Brush the excess mascara away with a transparent loose powder. Dip a small, fluffy eye shadow brush into a transparent loose powder, and sweep any excess mascara off of your face.
  • Mascara marks on your eyelids. If you swipe too quickly or are working with a new wand, you can end up with mascara residue on your lids. You can always hide the marks with concealer. Just dip the edge of a small synthetic concealer brush into concealer, and dab along the edge of the dark marks you want to disappear.


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