Tips for Applying Foundation

Foundation can be a girl’s best friend or her worst nightmare, depending on its formula and the method of application. We all wish that when we apply a foundation, our skin looks completely even-toned, blemish-free, and natural. But a million things can go wrong that can lead to a totally different result like cakey and fake-looking skin. So what to do?Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to applying foundation that will help to achieve that flawless base you always desired.

Step 1 – Prepping and Priming

No matter which foundation you are using or the type of skin you have, you must always wash your face and moisturize thoroughly before starting your makeup. This ensures that your skin is squeaky clean and the foundation does not stick to the dry patches, gliding seamlessly for a natural finish.Once moisturized, you also need to apply a primer to fill up your pores and make your skin smoother. This will also help to make your foundation last throughout the day.

Step 2 – Little goes a Long Way!

Now that your skin is nicely prepped and primed, begin by applying just a tiny amount of foundation by dotting it all over your face. If you are using your fingers to blend, start at the center of your face in small outward strokes and make sure that it doesn’t look streaky. This method will give you medium coverage.When you are using a sponge to apply the foundation, do not rub but tap your face lightly with the sponge for a natural-looking finish. This way, your foundation will melt into your skin and look utterly flawless!

Step 3 – Hide Imperfections

Once the first layer of foundation is done, analyze your face and see if you need more coverage or need to hide any particular marks or spots. Instead of layering the whole face again, just apply a small amount on those areas and blend. Don’t forget your ears! Always ensure that they match with your face or it can look very unflattering.

Step 4 – Concealer

Now to brighten the under eyes and T-zone, apply some concealer only if you feel the need. The unnecessary layering of the products can make your face look cakey. Use the pointed part of the blending sponge to reach the corner of your eyes and blend well. Again, press the concealer gently onto the skin and do not rub.

Step 5 – Set and forget!

Contrary to the common belief, setting your foundation does not accentuate fine lines. In fact, it keeps the access oil produced by your skin at bay. Just lightly dust your skin with a satiny compact powder and forget about any touch-ups!Apart from all these steps, choosing the right products is extremely important. Browse through the wide range of primers, foundations, concealers, and compact powders at the C.A.L Los Angeles website and take your pick!

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