Tips & tricks to use a concealer

Do you often wonder how to apply concealer correctly? The way you apply concealer is just as important as the concealer itself. Flaky patches, dryness and exaggerated lines are all concealer nightmares! Here are a few useful tips to ace concealer’s usage.

  • Pat concealer on, don’t rub.
  • Always gently pat the concealer with your ring finger and blend it well into your skin. Rubbing in will irritate the skin and or you’ll risk smearing your makeup.
  • Prep your face with primer.
  • Give yourself the best head start, by prepping your skin with primer. This will give you a smooth and easy surface to work with when you begin to apply concealer.
  • First, foundation; then, concealer.
  • First, apply foundation, then apply concealer. Putting foundation on first gives you a starting point for how much concealer you should use. The great part about this? You won’t need to use as much concealer!
  • Draw a triangle under your eye for the best coverage.
  • With liquid concealer, draw a triangle under the base under your eye with the point aimed downwards toward your cheek. When you blend the triangle, it creates the optical illusion – hiding dark circles, giving the impression that the face is lifted, and draws the focus up towards the eyes.
  • Blot concealer with a thin tissue to avoid creasing.
  • Once you’ve applied the concealer around your eyes, use a thin tissue to blot the area. This prevents the concealer from settling around the eyes – giving off that caked-on look.
  • Use concealer to cover up any mistakes- Use a concealer to correct your eyeliner or
  • Never underestimate the power of concealer when you’re in a makeup emergency! An angled brush dipped into a liquid concealer comes in handy for perfecting a cat-eye that has gone awry.
  • Use concealer to hide the redness around your nose.
  • The nose is always a tough area to cover up as it tends to be more susceptible to redness. One beauty trick to try is blotting cream concealer around the nose and finishing the look with a loose foundation powder. This is especially helpful if the area around your nose tends to get oily quickly.

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