Top 5 Trendy Eyeshadow Looks for Wedding

Are you planning for your big day? If yes, then you are probably glued to your phone, searching for outfit inspirations, mehendi, and jewelry designs and what not! It goes without saying that everything needs to be absolutely picture-perfect, including your makeup. When it comes to bridal makeup, eye makeup is one thing that garners most of the attention. It can really enhance the shape of your eyes and make you look incredibly captivating and alluring. Well, it all eventually boils down to the style of makeup you are aiming for and whether it suits your facial features. Let’s take a look at the top 5 trendy Eyeshadow looks that are bound to make all the heads turn on your special day!

#1 Subtle Smoky Eyeshadowriming

Eyeshadow trends in 2020 have swiftly swayed away from the heavy, intense all-black eyeshadow and settled into a more subtle smokey look. Nowadays, brides are preferring muted colors like chocolate browns, dark mauves, charcoal greys with a hint of glitter for their D Day. You can ask your makeup artist to use a flattering blend of warm browns and golden hues with dramatic eyelashes. Trust us, it’s a deadly combination that will look completely mesmerizing!Style this look with pink, coral, or peach shades of lipsticks.

#2 Pastel Eyeshadows

It’s the year of pastels! From clothes to footwear to makeup, pastels are being embraced by everyone! You have to be living under a rock if you still haven’t witnessed the myriad of pastel makeup looks that are trending on the social media platforms right now. Similarly, brides are going gaga over different pastel eyeshadow looks that match well with various day time functions and events. You can experiment with a number of pastel eyeshadow shades with some neon pops in the inner corners of your eyes.

Pastel shades are also perfect to create the latest Sunset eye makeup look that has gained immense popularity in the recent months. Depending on the eyeshadow colors, you can choose a contrasting shade of lipstick.

The C.A.L Los Angeles Single Eye Shadows has a wide selection of hues that can be mixed and matched to create that perfect bold yet beautiful look.

#3 Matte Eyeshadows

Even though heavy glitter eyeshadow is still very much in trend, matte eyeshadows have made their own place when it comes to wedding makeup looks. They impart a regal and classy feel to the overall makeup whether it’s a heavy smoky eye or a subtle day time look. Usually, for matte eyeshadows, makeup artists prefer darker shades like maroon, deep brown, or even dark blue!A heavy blush and a dark, rustic lip will look spectacular with this style.

#4 Full-On Shimmer!

If muted or subtle looks are not for you, choose the ravishing shimmery eyeshadows for your big day! Tell your makeup artist to use a shade that matches your outfit. They look exceptional when blended with darker hues on the outer corners and piled on the lid with a neat cut crease. Pair it with a statement bold lip.

Sterling Silver from the C.A.L Los Angeles Shadow Eyez range is a highly versatile shimmer shade and will go with a number of makeup looks.

#5 Nude Eyes

If you are planning to adorn yourself with a heavy lehenga and heavy jewelry on your wedding, then it is advised to keep your makeup minimal and on the nude side. This doesn’t mean that the makeup will be less or it won’t look nice. It just entails that the shades of eyeshadow will be pretty muted and subtle (like pinks, mauves, peaches) to highlight your outfit. Some golden on the center of your lids, a nude lip, and a flawless base will do the job well.

To curate the perfect look for yourself, always ensure to go through different bridal lookbooks and see what complements the shape of your eyes. Moreover, take your stylist’s recommendations seriously as they are the experts and have much more experience and insight.

C.A.L Los Angeles brings the largest variety of eyeshadow pallets, singles eyeshadows and eyeshadow sticks that are super pigmented and will bring life to any look you desire! Shop from our official website.

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