Top Ten Eye-shadow looks for this Summer

Summer are finally here and it’s time you add a pop of color to your makeup routine that will amp up your style quotient. Eyeshadow is one product that can change your entire appearance. From bold and glamorous, to subtle and sultry, you can create a number of looks by using this one product. If you are looking for some great ideas to try this summer, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to tell you about the top ten trendy eyeshadow looks you can try this summer.

Sunset Eyes

This is one of the most popular eyeshadow looks among celebrities, especially in the summer. It includes warm tones like yellow, orange, peach, purple, and pink. They can be worn individually or all together. When these shades are applied without a liner, they give a graphic yet subtle effect. Pair these soft hues with some nude or peach lipstick. Let your eyes do all the talking. Apply some mascara and you are good to go! The C.A.L Los Angeles Hues Of Warmth Eyeshadow Palette will be a perfect choice to create this mesmerizing look. This palette consists of 5 beautiful warm shades that blend effortlessly.

Touch of Rose

Blush shadow is one of the new trends in the makeup world. It includes a rosy pink shadow on the lids, paired with a matching blush and glowy base. For lipstick, go for a burnt pink shade and your look is complete! You can try the C.A.L Los Angeles Angelic Eye Shadow (Single) in shade 3 or 6. They can be applied as a blush as well!

Neon Magic

This style of eyeshadow is popularized by none other than Kylie Jenner. This look is extremely easy to create and takes less than 2 minutes. In this, apply a neon shade in the inner corner of your eyes, with the help of a thin brush. Then, extend it to the outer corners of the eye with a black liner. It is a modern and chic way of using your eyeshadow. This look can be created by using the CAL Los Angeles Angelic Eye Shadow Palette in the Bold variant.

Metallic Bronze

Want to add a touch of glam? Use a Shimmery Bronze shadow all over the lid and pair it with a thick coat of Mascara. It will instantly brighten up your face without being too much. Let the rest of the makeup be neutral. This will be the perfect sultry look that can be worn on multiple occasions. Try the C.A.L Los Angeles Angelic Eye Shadow (Single) in the shade 10 to create this look.

Let’s Dazzle

This is a very understated look. Here, the overall face is pretty bare except the soft touch of shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes. You can use a light pink shimmer shadow like the shade 15 in the Single Eyeshadow Range from C.A.L Los Angeles.

Dual Play

Go all out by Appling two striking shades of eyeshadow as a winged liner. Use a thin liner brush for precision. It looks ultra-modern and chic. You can experiment with several combinations. A good option will be CAL Los Angeles Shadow Eyez in Emerald and Sapphire. You don’t even need a brush to apply them! They come in stick form.

Lilac Dream

Create a casual look with a soft and summery Lilac hue. It adds a refreshing feel to your makeup. Just apply the shadow on your lids and blend it nicely so that there are no harsh edges. That’s it! You can go for the shade Rose Quartz in the CAL Los Angeles Shadow Eyez range.

Electric Cool

Paint your lids with a super bright aqua-blue shade. Summers are the best time when you can experiment with such loud colors. Try the C.A.L Los Angeles Angelic Eye Shadow in shade 11. This is an amazing look for beach parties.

Shock Shadow

Give a shock of color with bold and dark saturated shades like deep pink, red, and purple. This look screams summer! Cover your lids completely with the shadow until the color is opaque. Keep the rest of your makeup a little muted to get the full impact. Choose from the several amazing options in the C.A.L Single Eyeshadow range.

Go Coral

Apply a Coral eyeshadow paired with a smoky dark shade. This will make you look extremely sexy. Go with at least 2 or 3 layers of mascara and a nude lip. Rock this look in day time parties and make several heads turn. For this, you can use the C.A.L Single Eyeshadow in shade 17.

This summer, create as many eyeshadow looks as you want with the extensive range of eyeshadows from C.A.L Los Angeles. They are long-lasting and cause no fallout.

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