Top winter makeup tips for a dewy look

While anyone can flaunt a dewy look, it’s all a matter of personal preference. For instance, those with oily skin will most likely want to mattify their look because the last thing they want is to appear extra shiny.

  • Prep your skin.
  • First things first: Always remember to properly cleanse your face and moisturize. Having fresh, clean and hydrated skin is the first step in getting the glow you’re aiming for. Skin care should always come first so take good care of your skin by staying consistent with a routine. A healthy skin will glow naturally.
  • Create a smooth base with a primer.
  • Once your skin is well-prepped, the next step is to apply a primer to soften the texture of your skin or create an illuminating base. Primers are great because they extend the longevity of your makeup, minimize the appearance of pores and control excess sebum. You can also use color-correcting primers to even out your complexion.
  • Go heavy on H2O.
  • The easiest way to maintain plump and dewy skin is to stay hydrated. Better start counting those eight glasses a day!
  • Go for natural coverage.
  • Don’t go overboard with your base. Keep it simple for natural glow. It should look like your own skin instead of a separate layer. Let your skin shine through by using cushion foundations which are not very heavy.
  • Don’t go crazy with the concealer.
  • Pick a shade lighter to your skin tone so that it brightens up the face. Apply it only to problem areas where it is necessary so that rest of your skin breathe.
  • Add some colors and lip gloss.
  • Don’t forget about your eyes, cheeks and lips! Add a pop of color to your look with vivid eye shadow colors with a shimmery finish instead of a matte one. For blush, aim for a natural flush with shades that match your skin tone. To top it all off, apply some lip gloss for extra dewy-ness.
  • Highlight!
  • The key to get that extra glow is nothing but a lot of highlighter. Accentuate you high points which you would love to flaunt like cheek bone, brow bone, nose’s tip and bridge, chin and instantly get that glowy skin.

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