Why you should shift to Indian makeup brands?

In the wake of the Coronavirus, our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the nation and stressed on using Indian brands and products to encourage and build a powerful and self-reliant economy. He further highlighted the importance of not only using but promoting local brands by using the phrase “Be vocal about local”.
While many industries are already directing their efforts to get locally sourced products and set up manufacturing across sectors, the makeup industry is also working in that direction with the help of promoting local brands. After all, it is essential that we switch to products that are produced by Indian brands to contribute to the development of our nation. Here are a few reasons behind this!

#Growth of the Industry

When you purchase makeup products that are manufactured in India, the Indian makeup industry will flourish and the brands will work in bettering themselves to challenge international competition by enhancing their technology and techniques of production. As a result, you will get better quality products that are made here.
Moreover, when the demand for Indian makeup products will rise, new plants will be set up to increase the supply thus, contributing to the employment rate in the country.

#Cheaper Price

When makeup products are imported in India, various additional charges like taxes and duties are added to their price which makes them further expensive. There are no such additional costs with the Indian products and the raw materials in India are procured at a much cheaper price which decreases the production cost and the overall price of the commodity. C.A.L offers all its products at decent prices without compromising on their quality due to this very reason.


Indian makeup brands take immense pride in their products and maintain the highest level of transparency with their customers regarding the ingredients and production processes. At C.A.L, we believe in integrity and honesty and have always been upfront about the ingredients we use in our makeup products. Our products are vegan and cruelty-free to promote a sustainable environment.

#Improve Economy

Shifting to Indian Makeup brands will greatly help in improving the economy of our nation. When a rise in sale, currency value will rise too and resultantly, the cosmetic market will make room for more investors and buyers. Moreover, the number of imports will decrease and the Indian currency will stay within the country. This will increase the overall GDP.
It’s high time we begin questioning the origin of the products we consume. We need to encourage the efforts made by our Indian brands and make a conscious and informed choice for ourselves. At C.A.L Los Angeles, all our products are purely made in India under strict quality control checks to ensure a luxurious experience for our customers.

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